Estate Administration

After a death occurs, those that are left behind are responsible for handling the deceased’s estate. With assistance from Paul B. deHoll Attorney at Law, you will receive the service you need for estate administration in Springfield, VA, and surrounding areas. Under administration, an individual’s estate is collected, managed, and distributed to the appropriate parties. Speak with me to discover the proper process to administer an estate after the death of your loved one.

Settling Debts after Death

When a loved one passes away, he or she often leaves more than just an estate. In many cases, the deceased also has unsettled debts that must be paid off before any funds or possessions can be distributed to heirs.

During the probate process, these debts after death are addressed. I am  available to meet with you to discuss just how these debts can impact the overall value of the estate. I will work with you to ensure that the situation is dealt with the right way.

The Importance of an Estate Executor

As part of the estate planning process, an individual will be asked to name an executor to handle all issues related to the last will. This estate executor is responsible for overseeing the disposition of property, paying off debts and burial expenses, and other duties.

Due to the importance of this role in estate administration, it is vital that the estate owner selects a trustworthy individual. When you work with me for your planning, I am available to help you choose the proper person to serve as the estate executor. We then work to ensure that all duties are followed.

Administering an Estate

There is more to administering an estate than just reading an individual’s will. Many state laws and regulations are in place that impact the administration process, and probate is almost always mandatory. These laws can vary based on where the deceased lived at the time of death, as well as where the decedent’s estate is probated.

When you turn to me, you will receive answers to all of your questions related to estate administration. I will guide you through the process of choosing a personal representative, inventorying and distributing the estate, and other important steps.

Contact me in Springfield, Virginia, for guidance in estate administration. i will work with clients throughout Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Burke, and surrounding areas.