Probate Law

Receive the right representation throughout the probate process when you speak with Paul B. deHoll Attorney at Law. I offer a series of services for scenarios related to probate law in Springfield, VA. With my assistance you will settle all debts after death while ensuring that the estate is dealt with properly. Contact me today to learn more about the process and utilize our solutions.

What is Probate?

After an individual dies, he or she leaves behind a number of assets, including land, personal possessions, stocks, and funds. Often, debts are also left behind, and must be settled before assets can be distributed to heirs.

A probate court takes the time to go through the legal process involved with handling these assets after death. Here in Virginia, probate can be avoided if a decedent’s estate is small enough. During these situations, a simplified process is used to settle all remaining debts on the estate.

For scenarios where probate is required, it is important to turn a knowledgeable attorney for assistance. By working with us, you will receive the answers you need as you navigate the court process. We help you understand the proper steps to take as your loved one’s estate is settled. The probate process can include every aspect of estate administration including the following:

Proving the Validity of a Will

Choosing an Estate Administrator, Executor, or Representative

Totaling All Assets (In & Out of the Estate)

Paying All Applicable Estate Taxes & Other Debts

Identifying All Living Heirs & Relatives

Distributing Remaining Assets to the Heirs

Turn to Us for Probate Law

While probate can be a simple process in scenarios where the deceased had already completed estate planning, there are many situations where probate is a complicated time for the family and heirs. Our probate attorney is available to help you throughout every step of the court process. In Virginia, a decedent’s will should be probated in the Circuit Court for the city or county where the individual lived at the time of death

What can you expect during probate? Unfortunately, probate can be time-consuming and expensive in some situations. Many states require a 30 to 90-day waiting period, and the process can take even longer if a relative or potential heir chooses to contest the will or court’s asset distribution. Probate is designed to minimize the disputes between family members and others who may be named in the will.

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